Sunday, 20 February 2011

Coil Builder_99


CoilBuilder_99 is a powdered iron inductor winding application. Enter desired inductance, select core size and mix and press the Calculate button to determine the correct number of windings for your inductor. Data is also given showing, core color, permeability, frequency range, AL value and maximum number of turns versus wire guage for the chosen core size. Encompasses 12 different core sizes and 8 different mixes of powdered iron. Calculated results can be stored on a disk file or printed out.

Style: GUI, File size: 90K, zipped, 44K.

Bug Fixes: Some missing AL values for # 7 material added April 24/99. K6WHP's superior version is linked below.

Current Version is:  4 / 24 / 1999

Download the file

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