Tuesday, 22 March 2011

74HC240 Qrp Transmitter.



The ARRL HB describes an experimental 0.5W transmitter that uses a 74HC240 octal inverting buffer. One section is used as a fundamental frequency oscillator, four sections are used as an amplifier, while three sections are grounded, and unused. The three unused sections can be put to use in further expansion into a TCVR. Q1 is used to key the transmitter, while the 7808 provides a stable 8V DC supply. THe IC will dissipate heat, and a heat sink should be glued onto it using epoxy. The low pass filter is standard, and the values for some HF bands are given in the table above. This design forms the basis of a minimal QRP TCVR that I am developing, as part of my education in electronics.


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